Have Obama's campaign promises become reality?

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As we approach another election, is it possible to see through the spin and incomplete information we are fed by the media? Is it really Obama's fault that the economy is in shambles? After all, he inherited a mess from the Bush administration, right? Upon a close and simple inspection, the answers are clear and easy for all to see. Obama's campaign promises provide a true test of integrity. He began with promising to get the lobbyists out of Washington. This was a critical to boosting the economy. Upon taking office, he began his cleanup..but not of lobbyists. He removed representatives from the oil sector, heavy industry, the auto industry, and the list goes on. He then proceeded to replace them with the very people he promised to remove. Lobbyists. Wall Street money junkies. The Clinton administration gamblers like Larry Somers, that overturned laws regulating the banking industry so they could further implement creative ideas like "derivatives" and "credit default swaps." Fancy names for schemes, cons and rip-offs. Then he really began to shine with this bailout theology. The corporations that fail due to their bad decision making, corruption, and in most cases a combination of the two, will now be "bailed out" with billions of taxpayer dollars. So now in essence, when the incompetent fail, money will be taken from the competent to prop up the incompetent so they can begin competing again. This will not work folks, especially when Obama's administration is relying on the very people who broke the system in the first place. Does this sound like the merging of government and corporations to you? It does to me. The definition of the merging of corporations and government, at least according to Benito Mussolini, is Fascism. What is supposed to happen when a big corporation fails? Nothing at all. Let them fall to the ground! The competent corporations will then pick up the shares of the fallen entity and grow stronger. That is how the framers of the Constitution saw it, and once again they of course were correct. Obama probably figured that since Hank Paulson walked away from his robbery of the treasury on behalf of Goldman Sachs, there really wasn't much to be concerned about. So now we can move on to homeowners. Obama promised that his plan would provide relief to the distressed homeowners that had fallen victim to over borrowing in an artificially inflated market. Enter the "Troubled Asset Relief Program", (TARP) which had money designated to go to banks to reset mortgages and stop the tidal wave of foreclosures we are now in the midst of. It is clear at this point that in order to qualify for the "Obama Plan", you must be able to hang from a cliff with your pinky finger holding a daisy. The help just isn't coming. An additional thousand dollars billed to the government every time the banks receive a homeowners workout package is another nice incentive he gave his banking buddies. Nice plan. This is why Banks have homeowners resend it so many times. In defense of the president however, when someone asks "Have Obama's campaign promises become reality? Well, technically you could say yes to at least one. The redistribution of wealth. He brings home the gold on that one.

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